Craftsmanship is our passion

It's essential for us to pass on impressive instruments to the next generation.

For more than 400 years, luthiers have been building, evolving and refining violins. We preserve antique and fine instruments and restore them for the next the generation of musicians.

Personalized instruments
by the most talented craftsmen in Europe

In the last two decades we have started to collect old instruments and have them restored by master craftsmen.

Each piece from this collection has its own history and personality. At Finostri you have the opportunity to find the right instrument for your particular needs: How about having the choice of a French cello from the 1800s or a Bohemian double bass?
All our instruments are perfectly tuned. Our master luthiers have carefully checked them and restored them with high quality strings and accessories.

Stefan Nestler

Founder & CEO
» My grandfather's greatest ambition in life was that
I should become a luthier one day.
And I didn't!

Yet, his heritage & my passion together have turned into a unique collection.«
Would you like to try these fine instruments live?