1/2 Médio Fino Violin Atelier Lamy

  • Size: 1/2
  • Provenance: Mirecourt, Médio Fino series JTL, ca. 1900
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  • Thomastik Dominant strings
  • Inventory Number: FG048
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Sales price: 600,00 

About this unique piece:

Jêrome Thibouville-Lamy were known for their inexpensive, good sounding “starter” instruments. Especially in the 19th century, they produced large quantities of such instruments to meet the worldwide demand. Built around the turn of the century, this instrument incorporates a lot of experience and expertise from the years before, resulting in a well-sounding student instrument with a warm tone that is still assertive without being shrill. It is therefore well suited for students who want to give free rein to their joy of playing.

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