3/4 Violin Eckart Richter

  • Size: 3/4
  • Label: Eckart Richter Geigenbaumeister Markneukirchen 1976
  • Strings: Pirastro Obligato
  • Inventory Number: FG030
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Sales price: 1.450,00 

About this unique piece:

3/4 violin, 4/4 sound: this work from Eckart Richter’s workshop in Markneukirchen seems very mature. No wonder, because Eckart Richter, who can be seen as one of the most important personalities of Vogtland violin making in recent times, had an immense knowledge, which he put into his instruments as well as into teaching at the technical college for musical instrument making.

The evenly spaced annual rings of the top and the moderately flamed maple come to the fore under a thin orange-brown overlay varnish with a yellow ground. Light shading and a few signs of use create a patina commensurate with its age.

The tone is soft, full and large. Students will likely take great pleasure in discovering the tonal finesse and refining their skills. The violin is joyfully easy to play and sounds well balanced.

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