d’Honoré Derazey à Mirecourt Violin

  • Size: 4/4
  • Scale length: 323 mm
  • H. Dérazey, Mirecourt
  • Thomastik Dominant strings
  • Inventory Number: FG012
Rental price from: 60,00  per month
Sales price: 12.000,00 

About this unique piece:

This very well preserved violin from the workshop of Honoré Derazey is free of pretenses. The orange-brown varnish is uniformly color intense and translucent right into the corners and delights the eye with its play of reflections on the evenly flamed maple.

The sound proves similar: without frills, it stands out clearly and distinctly. The instrument gives the player honest feedback and encourages efforts to mature the clear sound into sweetness. Particularly evident in the upper register is the discipline of Derazey’s workshops in the manufacture of sophisticated violins, as the clarity of tone is retained without edges and allows a great deal of interpretative creative freedom.

The blackened scroll, which is emblematic of H. Derazey’s style, also appears here and demonstrates the degree to which the great master’s unique style was incorporated into such minute elements of the work in Mirecourt’s workshops.

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