3/4 Hermann Hauser Violin

  • Size: 3/4
  • Body length: 335 mm
  • Luthier: Herm. Hauser jg, 1935 Munich
  • Inventory Number: FG054
Rental price from: 35,00  per month
Sales price: 3.500,00 

About this unique piece:

When the name Hermann Hauser is mentioned, one would not initially associate it with violin making – after all, this name is closely associated with first-class guitar making of world fame. However, Hermann Hauser II completed an apprenticeship at the violin luthier school in Mittenwald and, after successfully completing his apprenticeship, worked in the workshop of his father, Hermann Hauser I, in Munich. Shortly after, this 3/4 instrument was made in 1935. It is varnished in yellowish color with a few dark areas. The maple is heavily flamed and makes the back in particular appear very lively. The top wood is also well chosen with its evenly spaced annual rings. A noteworthy, because rare, aspect is the French-style purfling inlay, which has a very narrow central stripe. This stylistic decision pleasantly emphasizes the contour of the violin’s shape in a discreet way.

The sound is bright and clear, the tone powerful and expressive. The fingerboard and bridge curvature and string action are outstanding. They are so well crafted and adjusted that a first-class playing sensation is immediately felt. This violin is suitable for students who enjoy playing and exploring, and who are moving from a half size to a 3/4 instrument. They may not put this one down anytime soon either.

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