J. Lavest à Monluçon Violin

  • Size: 4/4
  • Body length: 359 mm
  • Luthier: Jules Lavest Montluçon, ca. 1930
  • Guarneri model
  • Inventory Number: FG037
Rental price from: 50,00  per month
Sales price: 7.500,00 

About this unique piece:

The extremely strong, red-brown varnish of this violin is particularly striking. A specialty of the dealer and violin maker Jules Lavest, whose name rarely stands out or has well-documented sources. It is known that he was active between 1920-1950 and that his instruments were made in selected workshops. Lavest seems to have been a very critical luthier with a lot of knowledge, because his instruments – like this one – are of exceptionally clean manufacture. In terms of craftsmanship, nothing about the appearance here would be inappropriate.

The sound can be described as highly balanced. Laveste’s instruments were also characterized by the fact that they were designed as soloist instruments. This is particularly evident in the playability – the fingerboard has a smooth left-hand curve, the tone is clear and distinct in all registers, always round, coherent, clear and radiant with an equally balanced response across all strings and registers.

The excellent condition of the instrument suggests that this violin was either not played often (making instruments for collectors was “en vogue” at the time) or very well cared for. Either way, it is a fantastic piece of work that is looking for its master.

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