Johann Strobl Violin

  • Johann Strobl (III), 1724
  • Soft sound
  • Pleasant volume by the ear
  • Strings: Thomastik Vision
  • Inventory Number: FG049
Rental price from: 45,00  per month
Sales price: 6.000,00 

About this unique piece:

This is an early work by Johann Strobl (III) from 1724, the year in which he started his independence in Olomouc. A close proximity to Johann Georg Hellmer is assumed, and is also reflected in this model: In addition to circumstantial information found on the violin label, the high curvatures of the body also speak in favor of this. The petite neck may be seen as an original idea, as it complements tactilely the sonorous, full-bodied, velvety sound. In forte, the range of the soft sound unfolds, while the daintiness, almost restraint, is evident in piano.
Strobl’s typical varnish is reddish-dark with a base varnish of yellowish color. The single-piece back also manifests an impressive optic interplay of the maple’s flames.

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