Matthias Klotz Copy Viola

  • Size: 4/4
  • Body length: 415mm
  • Provenance: probably Vogtland
  • Free of cracks
  • Pirastro Gold strings
  • Inventory Number: FB005
Rental price from: 40,00  per month
Sales price: 4.800,00 

About this unique piece:

This viola holds some surprises and special features: It is a work crafted after a model of the traditional Mittenwald luthier family Klotz, most likely made in the Vogtland. The combination of the Stainer and Amati models is very evident here, as is the unique shape of the pegbox and scroll. The elongated, even and high curvature of the top and back mean – apart from its formal beauty – a high resonance volume. This manifests significantly in the sound: from the first moment on it presents itself as sweet and sensual, underpinned by a full and balanced character. Beyond that, the sound has a pleasantly warm, singing component that reveals itself especially in the treble.

Wood and varnish literally complete the picture. The top is crafted from fine-grained spruce – which explains the high-quality sound – and the maple is barely flamed. The varnish does the rest: the “cloudy” and soft alternation between yellowish and brownish hues is pleasing to the eye, the light craquelure completes the character of an old instrument.

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