Mirecourt Viola ca. 1930

  • Size: 4/4
  • Luthier: Amédée Dieudonné, Mirecourt ~1930
  • Body length: 403mm
  • Strings: Pirastro Eudoxa
  • Inventory Number: FB004
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Sales price: 8.000,00 

About this unique piece:

This viola originates from the master workshop of Amédée Dieudonné and was built ca. a hundred years ago. The waisted model, the high and full arching as well as the slender ff-holes form in themselves a special feature to which the master paid his full attention. The red-brown varnish is very well preserved and reveals another peculiarity that is rarely found: the back and sides are made of Finnish birch.

Even if this fact at first causes doubt, the instrument convinces tonally with a very soft, full and assertive – sometimes silvery – tone in soloistic playing. In the accompanying role, the sound impresses with a wide range of proverbial “soft tones”; here, the rather delicate parts come to the fore, which can be used in a very dynamically dosed and tonally diverse manner. All in all, this is a very versatile and multifaceted instrument that is very easy to play and allows a lot of creative freedom. It is likely to show its strengths excellently in an ensemble
and is suitable for musicians with professional demands.

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