old 3/4 Mirecourt Cello

  • Made in Mirecourt ca. 1940
  • Model after Carlo Bergonzi, 1741
  • Size 3/4
  • Inventory Number: FC010
Rental price from: 50,00  per month
Sales price: 7.500,00 

About this unique piece:

This piece from the Vosgesian Mirecourt around 1940 represents a rare model in 3/4 size: two cellos by Carlo Bergonzi remain which he created at the height of his activity as one of the great Cremonese luthiers. The variously documented closeness to the Stradivari house is reflected in the shape of the cello. Bergonzi, however, manages to create his own style, reflected in the very mild arching of the top. Very distinct are the characteristic Bergonzi scroll and pegbox, which the Mirecourt luthiers have excelled at crafting on this cello as well.

The sound is distinct and defined, gentle yet full. The excellent condition of this instrument greatly underlines the simple elegance and it equals a miracle that it remained undamaged during the period of the Second World War. It is ideally suited for the sophisticated demands of young cellists during their musical development.

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