Saxony Violin, Stradivari Model

  • Size: 4/4
  • Provenance: Saxony, model based on A. Stradivari
  • Thomastik Dominant strings
  • Inventory Number: FG028
Rental price from: 25,00  per month
Sales price: 1.500,00 

About this unique piece:

This violin, built in Saxony after Stradivari’s model from his “golden period”, shows age-appropriate patina and traces of use on the reddish brown varnish. The tapered flaming of the maple has been tastefully joined, resulting in an appealing play of light that paints a very vivid picture. The curvatures of the violin can be described as opulent, which is also reflected in the tone: In the lower register, an extremely powerful tone is revealed that extends into the middle registers. In the trebles, the tone emerges clearly. Many dynamic facets can be easily worked out, making this instrument very versatile. Whether as an accompanying instrument or in an ensemble, this violin can confidently be called an all-rounder.

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