simple, old 3/4 French Cello

  • Cello 3/4 Mirecourt
  • Made in ca. 1900
  • Very good student instrument
  • Good condition
  • Inventory Number: FC009
Rental price from: 30,00  per month
Sales price: 2.800,00 

About this unique piece:

This straightforward piece originates from Mirecourt and dates back to around 1900. This cello has a beautiful balanced sound. Contributing significantly to the sound is the fact that the instrument is so well preserved and there are no visible cracks on its body.

Considering the previous owners, the instrument has probably never left France permanently before. Thus, this instrument is a lasting testimony to the history of French violin making and musicianship.

Who will continue to write its history? This student instrument is well suited for beginners.

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