3/4 Wunderlich Violin

  • Size: 3/4
  • Violin label: MIGMA, Master Wunderlich, 1948
  • Mature, full tone
  • bright sound
  • Pirastro Obligato strings
  • Inventory Number: FG050
Rental price from: 30,00  per month
Sales price: 2.000,00 

About this unique piece:

The Markneukirchen Musical Instrument Cooperative – MIGMA for short – formed in 1943 in order to be more independent of large dealers and publishers who had a grip on musical instrument production and resold great works by masters in their name at a higher price without the masters profiting from it. Hand in hand with this motivation, the habit of returning the name of the master luthier to the foreground emerged. This violin was made by Friedrich W. Wunderlich in 1948. It is cleanly crafted, very well preserved, and is particularly distinguished by its even, translucent yellow-brown varnish.

Tonally, this violin impresses with a mature, present and full tone. Its sound can be described as bright and resonant and thus retains its assertiveness even in quiet passages. For a 3/4 violin, it has a refreshing amount of character and maturity, so that even sweet melodies and expressive playing come easily to the musician. Ambitious students with enthusiasm for violin playing will certainly find it a loyal companion on the way to the 4/4 instrument.

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